Show off those hands

Treat yourself to a luxurious manicure. Your nails will be filed, nourished, buffed, or apply a clear varnish with the best OPI products.



35 minuten
  • Hands and nails cleaned with Swiss Guard gel
  • Hand compress applied
  • Scrub
  • Cuticles nourished using cuticle oil
  • Nails filed into shape while cuticle oil works its magic
  • Cuticles pushed back
  • Hand cream applied to the hands and gently massaged in
  • Nails buffed or varnished using clear varnish

Manicure treatment

A manicure involves more than just filing and varnishing your nails. It's a full package deal for your hands! The manicure starts by applying Swiss Guard gel to remove excess oil from your hands and nails. A compress is then applied to soften your skin and cuticles. Your hands are then scrubbed to remove dead skin cells, followed by a nourishing cuticle oil. While the oil works its magic, the manicurist will file your nails into shape, push back your cuticles, and gently massage a nourishing cream into your hands. The final step is to buff your nails or apply a clear nail varnish.

How often should you book a manicure?

There's no rule for how often you should book a manicure; it depends entirely on your own needs. Some people want to keep their hands and nails in tip-top shape at all times and so book a manicure every week or every two weeks. Some prefer to go once a month. Others book a manicure more sporadically, as a special treat. A manicure is not just for women: men are finding it increasingly important to take care of their hands and nails.

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