Reflexology massage

Balance starts in your feet

Your feet reflect the health of your entire body. During a reflexology massage, we massage pressure points in the feet that are connected to your organs and nerves. In a sense, this is a full-body massage. Your feet will feel wonderful, and you'll notice the positive effects throughout your body.

Reflexology massage

50 minuten
  • Applies pressure to specific areas on the feet
  • Relieves blockages
  • Improves energy flows
  • Uses fragrant essential oils

Benefits of a reflexology massage

Reflexology is a form of therapy that has been practised for thousands of years in Japan, China, and other countries. Reflexology massage focuses on the feet but benefits the entire body. Our reflexologist applies pressure to specific reflex zones in the feet. The nerves in your feet are activated by kneading, tapping, pushing, and stroking and send signals to specific parts of the body. This has a therapeutic effect.

The sensations created by the reflexology massage stimulate your organs, nerves, glands, and muscles in a very deliberate way. Each pressure point is addressed systematically in order to strengthen organs, improve toxin removal, relieve blockages, improve energy flows, and strengthen and balance the body.

Some people feel a rush of energy, while others experience a more relaxing sensation. Perhaps the combination of the two is the best way to describe reflexology massage. The power of pure essential oils like sage, rosemary, and lavender further enhances the incredible experience!

I'd like to book a reflexology massage!

Experience relaxation and balance and book a reflexology massage at Thermen Soesterberg. Your feet (and your body) will thank you!

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