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Swimwear days

Every Tuesday is swimwear day at Thermen Soesterberg.

General information

Wellness, the senses, and nature are intertwined. Together, they represent intense experiences and purest forms of immersion. Wellness in its purest form. You'll find it at Thermen Soesterberg, where we engage and delight all your senses.


Admission from € 47,50
Morning admission (until 14:00) from € 34,50
Evening admission (from 16:00) from € 37,50

A weekend surcharge of €4 applies on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and swimwear days. External promotions/vouchers are subject to other weekend surcharges listed on the voucher or promotional page.

Booking is mandatory. We use mandatory arrival and departure times to regulate our guest numbers and ensure the safety and health of our guests and staff. Please arrive at the arrival time and leave at the departure time specified in your booking. 

Rentals and Sales
If you do not feel like bringing bathrobes and towels from home, rent them at Thermen Soesterberg instead!

We also sell slippers in various designs and sizes.

Towel service € 12,50
Bathrobe (rental) € 13,50
Slippers (buy) € 13,50
Saunapackage (bathrobe, towel service and slippers) € 27,50


Opening hours

Daily from 09:00 to 23:00.

Our beauty centre is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. 


Thermen Soesterberg
Frits Koolhovenweg 8
3769 TR Soesterberg
The Netherlands

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Public transport

If you're using public transportation to get to Thermen Soesterberg, please check the route planner on

Current departure times:

- Every hour, a bus departs from Driebergen-Zeist heading towards Thermen Soesterberg.
- Every fifteen minutes, a bus departs from Amersfoort heading towards Thermen Soesterberg.


You can reach us by phone every working day between 9 AM and 5 PM. At weekends, you can call us between 9 AM and 1 PM.

Our phone number is: 033- 462 2460


Do you have suggestions, tips, or comments for us? You can e-mail them to us at

For business

Are you curious about our business facilities, please contact our event department via They are happy to help put together a suitable package.

House rules

Relax and enjoy your visit, in your own way. Thermen Soesterberg gives you all the freedom you want. But, of course, that freedom is for everyone. And that's why there are a few rules. Or as we prefer to call them: things to think about.

Guests may not bring their own food and drink, as these cannot be taken into the wellness restaurant. Instead, indulge in some fantastic meals at our restaurants. We can say that in all confidence, because we know what our chefs have in store for you.

Wearing slippers protects you and others. It's obvious (and compulsory!) to wear them in the sauna area, in the showers, and in the restaurant. However, slippers are not allowed in the saunas.

If you want your book, bottle, or glasses always at hand, use our free transparent bags. They're not just convenient, but also sustainable (provided you return the bag when you go home, of course). So you see, we have an eye for you and for the environment.
If you have any electronic equipment, take it with you by all means, but don't use it. Taking pictures is also not done. But that makes sense, doesn't it? If you need to take a look at your mobile phone or watch, this is allowed only in the reception area. Our tip is to keep them at home or in your locker. After all, you come here to forget about time and everyday life.

Most guests come to Thermen Bussloo for the peace and quiet. It's even compulsory in our resting area, saunas, and steam baths. Guaranteed rest! What could be better? 

Your visit is all about enjoying yourself and sweating, both of which are very healthy. To keep the saunas healthy and fresh, everyone must sit and place their feet on a large dry towel.

Restaurants and wet towels are not a great combination. So when you go for a bite to eat, leave your towel somewhere else. On the other hand, restaurants and bathrobes are a sensible combination. So put on your bathrobe before you sit down to eat.

Of course, intimate conduct is not permitted. We are very clear about this. If you happen to see something that is inappropriate and undesirable, please do not hesitate to report it to us immediately.

At Thermen Soesterberg, we take good care of everyone. We are vigilant, but we cannot see and prevent everything. Thermen Soesterberg is not liable for injury, loss, or theft. Yet if something does go wrong, of course we're there to help you! 

We don't all get enjoyment from the same things, and smoking is one of them. So please use the designated smoking area on the terrace.

Sometimes, our employees give instructions. They do that for a reason, so please do as they say, for your own safety and everyone else's.

Enjoyment doesn't have an age limit, but it does in our wellness resort. Children over the age of 12 are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

Swimwear days

Feeling good is what it's all about in our saunas. Do you feel even better wearing swimwear? Then come to our swimwear days. That way, you can truly relax and enjoy yourself.


We have made a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). 
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You can park your car for free on the premises of Thermen Soesterberg. Upon check-out, you'll receive a parking token, which you can use to exit our parking area.

Please avoid parking in the residential area nearby.

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