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Our story

Where nature and your senses reinforce each other

At Thermen Soesterberg, you'll discover that wellness, your senses, and nature are closely interlinked. Here, in the heart of the Netherlands and on the green edge of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, it is all about experiencing with all your senses.

Discover, experience, and enjo

Real relaxation starts with your senses. And at Thermen Soesterberg, surrounded by greenery and inspired by nature, we set your senses on 'enjoy'.

Forget the everyday grind and indulge in what you feel, smell, hear, and experience. Go back to the source, relax, and discover new energy.

Allow yourself to be transported in authentic sauna rituals and innovative wellness experiences. Warm your body and mind with soothing experiences.

Discover and experience Thermen Soesterberg, a source of relaxation, energy, and limitless bliss. We call it wellness in its purest form.


The greatest wellness experience in Europe is definitely the Sauna Theater. It is a unique, superb experience where wellness and theatre meet. And it's also a first in the Netherlands and Europe. 'The Sauna Theater has room for 180 guests to simultaneously enjoy the ultimate wellness show that engages all of your senses. Our own sauna masters – and guest sauna masters from all over the world – will take you on a heart-warming experience,' says Fabian Dolman (Director of Quality Wellnessresorts)

The theatre is a leader when it comes to technology. Light and sound shows bring the stories to life and stimulate your senses at every level. An LED screen more than 4.5 metres wide takes you to new worlds and dimensions. Every Aufguss is a real show – a story that surprises and amazes.


A family-run business

Quality Wellnessresorts: the best and finest for you!

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Familie Dolman

Our timeline

3 augustus 2017

Officiële opening Thermen Soesterberg

Officiële opening Thermen Soesterberg

11 september 2017

Wereldkampioenschap Opgieten in Thermen Soesterberg

Wereldkampioenschap Opgieten in Thermen Soesterberg

21 mei 2018

Opening van het vernieuwde Beautycentrum

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Opening van het vernieuwde Beautycentrum

  • 2017
  • 2017
  • 2018

Sauna Theater

Primeur in Nederland én Europa

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