We have listed our most frequently asked questions below for your convenience. If you have another question, let us know!

You will hear the time you will enjoy your treatment while you check in. All treatments are scheduled between 10:30 AM and 10 PM. And there is always half an hour between your arrival and your first treatment, so that you can take it easy. After all, you come to relax.

Of course, we will do our utmost to meet your needs. However, we cannot guarantee your preferred time, as there are more guests who all have their wishes. We work on a 'first come, first served' basis!

You will hear the scheduled time when you arrive. Treatments are between 10:30 AM and 10 PM, and always half an hour after you check in.

Yes. If you come with others, we will do our best to schedule your treatments at the same time. However, we cannot guarantee that treatments will take place at the same time, as there are more people coming to enjoy their visit. We promise you we'll do our best, because a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled.

That depends on what you feel like. If you want a full 'live cooking' lunch buffet in the Hemels restaurant, then you should go between 12 noon and 1:45 PM. If you would rather have lunch in the lounge, the lounge menu is available from 11 AM to 5 PM.

We allow plenty of time for your dinner. You can enjoy a great meal in one of our restaurants between 5 PM and 8:30 PM. Will it be a three-course dinner buffet in the Hemels restaurant? Or perhaps a tasty one-dish meal in the lounge?

Guests may not bring their own food and drink, as these cannot be taken into the wellness restaurant. Instead, indulge in fantastic meals at our restaurants We can say that in all confidence, because we know what our chefs have in store for you!

No, we do not offer such days. However, there are regular Swimwear Days every Tuesday. On those days, everyone must wear swimwear all day and in all facilities.

You'll receive it quickly. Once we have received your payment, we will send you the voucher straight away. This can take from three to four working days. You can order the voucher online and pay with iDEAL, or purchase it at reception.

1) Of course, you should never put off a relaxing visit.

2) Our gift vouchers are valid for one year after issue, so you can enjoy your visit when it suits you. If you were not able to make it during that year, don't worry: you can present your gift voucher up to six months after the expiry date*. You can still enjoy your visit!

* We charge a one-off €7.95 administration fee for this.

Of course. Your own things are always the best, aren't they? But you can rent everything from us, too. It's just as easy. (However, we can't promise that our bathrobes and towels will be in your favourite colour.)

You're in luck! On your birthday, your sauna visit is free! But please bring valid ID so we can check that you are as young as you look.

We also love to give gifts, although this promotion is not valid in combination with wellness or hotel packages.

At check-in, at the start of your wellness day. Give your voucher to our friendly staff, and your discount will be entered into our system. If you have a gift voucher, hand it in at the end of your day when you pay.

As the name suggests, discount vouchers for a sauna are only valid for a sauna. You cannot use these discount vouchers if you book a package, but you can use a gift voucher. (Something for your wish list?)

Of course you can! Just tell us about your dietary requirements when you book your wellness day. After all, wellness and food go hand in hand. That's why we serve wellness food: food and drink that is good for you, right for you, and makes you feel good. It's good, happy food!

In addition to peace and quiet, we also offer privacy and have a room available where you can express milk. We can store the milk for you in a refrigerator.

Absolutely! If there are still treatments available on that day, you can book them. If you really want to be sure you can enjoy your favourite treatment, book it well in advance. Then you'll have even more wellness pleasure to look forward to!

Everyone should be able to enjoy our wellness facilities. So yes, our wellness resort is as wheelchair-accessible as possible. The exceptions are our whirlpools and stairs in the baths, or saunas with stairs such as the Maa sauna and the Theater Sauna.


First enjoy, then pay. We think that makes sense. At the end of your wellness day, you check out at reception, which is also when you pay the bill. If you have booked multiple treatments, we may ask you to pay for them in advance.

Yes, and we accept most credit cards.

We love everything that barks and meows, but our wellness is really for people. So no, pets are not allowed in Thermen Soesterberg and the hotel.

A sauna has many benefits for your health. It improves your immune system, your skin, and your mood. However, it may sometimes be wise to consult your GP or specialist beforehand, such as if you have a fever or an infectious skin disease. Read more about contraindications here.

A day of sauna is relaxing and enjoyable. Even when you are pregnant, you might suddenly feel like going to the sauna. If you take regular saunas, then you can simply keep on coming. If you are less than three months pregnant, you had better postpone your visit. In any case, you should be more careful when visiting a sauna during your pregnancy. You can read more about it here.

Thermen Soesterberg doesn't yet have any charging facilities for electric vehicles, but they're on our wish list! Until then, you can charge your car at our neighbours, Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten.

We love everything that's pure and healthy, and that also applies to the water in Thermen Soesterberg. We use highly vital water from our own spring. We do not use chlorine or acids for purification, but instead use salt electrolysis So it's pure, and you can feel it!

Please choose.