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Onze duurzaamheid

100% duurzaam!

Vanaf eind maart zijn wij 'all-electric'. Dat wil zeggen; volledig gasloos en met 100% duurzame energie. Benieuwd wat wij doen?

Swimming Pond

Pure water, naturally filtered

Our natural Swimming Pond is pure nature in all its glory; a green gem at Thermen Soesterberg. In the heart of our stunning garden and nestled against the birch forest, you can experience nature in all its purity. Swim and cool off in an entirely unique way.

puur natuur, onze zwemvijver

Pure nature: 100% natural

The pond water is entirely natural and perfectly balanced, requiring no human interventions. The self-cleaning power of nature is given full rein here. The water is free from chlorine and other cleaning agents and is visible and palpably pure.


In the summer the temperature can reach 23 °C and in the winter it can be as low as 0.4 °C. A wonderful way to cool off. In spring, nature bursts into leaf and flower, and the pond does, too! You may even spot tiny salamanders between the rocks.


Of geniet van de verwarmde baden.



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