Aufguss rituals

A warming and surprising experience.

Our sauna masters perform impressive Aufguss rituals every day. An Aufguss ritual is an incredible experience and absolute must-see during your visit to Thermen Soesterberg. The sauna master uses a towel to distribute the steam enriched with essential oils throughout the sauna. The burst of steam promotes perspiration, which cleanses your body and your skin. You'll feel wonderful both during and after an Aufguss ritual!

Sauna Theater - water ijs en geuren

Aufguss or löyly

Aufguss or löyly is a sensational experience for sauna-lovers. The ritual is performed by our highly experienced sauna masters.

Our experience programme includes several Aufguss rituals each day.

  • Relaxing Aufguss ritual
  • Intense Aufguss ritual
  • Themed or performance Aufguss rituals

Are you a fan of our Aufguss rituals and sauna masters? If so, enjoy one of our Aufguss weekends!

Traditional Aufguss rituals

Good Morning and Good Night ritual

These two rituals are relaxing and soothing, with accompanying music. The perfect way to start or end your sauna experience!

Relaxing Aufguss ritual

The Relaxing Aufguss is a mild ritual in terms of temperature. The perfect way to unwind!

Intense Aufguss ritual

During this Aufguss ritual, the sauna master creates a more intense heat than with other rituals. This ritual is therefore recommended for more experience sauna-goers.

It is offered in the Crystal Sauna. Enquire about our current experience programme during your visit.


Themed and performance Aufguss

During a themed or a performance Aufguss ritual, we will take you on an impressive visual journey and stimulate your senses with images, animations, choreography, sounds, scents, and heat.

The unique Sauna Theatre was specifically designed for this purpose. It has all of the facilities for creating a magical experience!


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