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Eén week, vanaf 23 okt t/m 30 okt, gevuld met ’s werelds beste saunameesters (top 10 van de wereld), verrassende thema’s en natuurlijk: de allerbeste opgietshows!

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Eastern enjoyment

Hamams are an ancient cleansing ritual that originated in Central Asia. Under the influence of the Roman Empire, the ritual quickly spread throughout the Arab world and ultimately transformed into the public bath experience known as hamam.
At Thermen Soesterberg, you can enjoy an incredible Hamam experience in one of the most beautiful and innovative Hamams in the Netherlands. You will be scrubbed, soaped, and massaged, leaving you feeling reborn!


A Hamam treatment is more than a soap-and-scrub session. It also includes a wonderfully relaxing massage. Give it a try!

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How does Hamam work?

All Hamam visits start with a steam bath, after which you lie down on a heated stone table. The treatment starts with a scrub ritual in which the tellak (hamam masseuse) uses special scrub gloves made from kese (rough silk) to exfoliate the skin. The tellak then rinses your body with warm water and washes you with a traditional hamimi soap bag. This is followed by an extensive massage that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. When the massage is over, you will be rinsed with warm water. The Hamam treatment ends with Turkish tea and lokum (Turkish delight).

traditionele zeepbehandeling

I want to experience the Hamam

You can choose a basic Hamam treatment or one of our more extensive treatments, which includes a head massage, foot massage, and hair wash.

Hamam is a wonderful, intense treatment for body and mind. Book a hamam treatment during your visit to Thermen Soesterberg and experience this incredible and authentic ritual.




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