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Aufguss WK afterparty

Eén week, vanaf 23 okt t/m 30 okt, gevuld met ’s werelds beste saunameesters (top 10 van de wereld), verrassende thema’s en natuurlijk: de allerbeste opgietshows!

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Aufguss days

Traditional or show-stopping: a memorable experien

You can enjoy well-organized Aufguss sessions every day at Thermen Soesterberg. Start the day with a Good Morning, Relaxing, or Intense Aufguss show in the Sauna Theatre and end your sauna day with the Good Night ritual.

A truly incredible experience!

A new ritual every day

You can enjoy different Aufguss rituals every day. Special Aufguss weekends are held on the last weekend of every month. The traditional rituals are accompanied by a host of fun themed sessions. A themed Aufguss session includes music, animations, choreography, and other effects, all in our unique Sauna Theatre.

The best for you

On these special Aufguss weekends, our sauna masters and masters from around the world put on an incredible show.

To learn more about our different Aufguss rituals, see our experience programme or book an Aufguss weekend.

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