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Onze duurzaamheid

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Vanaf eind maart zijn wij 'all-electric'. Dat wil zeggen; volledig gasloos en met 100% duurzame energie. Benieuwd wat wij doen?

Birch Sauna

An unforgettable experience

The ancient Celtic and Germanic peoples knew that birch is a fascinating tree. With its origins in the Low Countries and its healing and purifying properties, birch plays an integral role at Thermen Soesterberg. Experience the power of birch in our Birch Sauna. As soon as you step inside, the aromatic woody scent of birch will envelop you. The birch branches create a wonderfully natural effect and the high temperature activates the tree's natural properties. This sauna stimulates all of your senses and guarantees deep relaxation.

90 °C

Silence and the pure and natural smell of birch...

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Maa sauna


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