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Onze duurzaamheid

100% duurzaam!

Vanaf eind maart zijn wij 'all-electric'. Dat wil zeggen; volledig gasloos en met 100% duurzame energie. Benieuwd wat wij doen?

Steam Room

Experience the revitalizing effects

Our traditional Steam Room has a temperature of 50 °C. The atmosphere in the steam room is warm and humid. This opens the pores of your skin, speeding up the elimination of toxins. Relative humidity is 100%. In this humidity the body is less able to cool off through perspiration. As a result, this bath feels extremely hot. The air is scented by evaporating invigorating Mint or Eucalyptus.



Enjoy daily scrub rituals performed by our sauna staff or sauna masters. Check the experience programme when you arrive to see what time the rituals start.


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