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Onze duurzaamheid

100% duurzaam!

Vanaf eind maart zijn wij 'all-electric'. Dat wil zeggen; volledig gasloos en met 100% duurzame energie. Benieuwd wat wij doen?

Pond Sauna

Surrounded by nature

The Pond Sauna will stimulate all of your senses. Enjoy the purity of this sauna as you take in the stunning views of the natural swimming pond. The large windows bring the outside in, allowing you to experience the surrounding nature in all its elements. At the Pond Sauna, nature and authentic sauna rituals converge. This sauna has a wonderfully mild climate for ultimate relaxation. The view of the pond and the surrounding forest enhances this feeling of tranquillity and quiet. Enjoy the soothing warmth of the sauna, followed by a refreshing dip in the pure and restorative waters of the swimming pond. Are you ready for the next round?

puur natuur, onze zwemvijver

Cooling off naturally

After a soothing Aufguss session in the Pond Sauna, it's important to cool off properly. At Thermen Soesterberg you can enjoy a natural cool-off in the swimming pond. What makes this pond so unique is that the water is purified naturally and organically, without the use of chlorine or other chemicals. In other words: pure and natural!


Ervaar de zuiverende werking van zout.


Maa sauna

De heetste sauna van Soesterberg!

Maa sauna

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