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Onze duurzaamheid

100% duurzaam!

Vanaf eind maart zijn wij 'all-electric'. Dat wil zeggen; volledig gasloos en met 100% duurzame energie. Benieuwd wat wij doen?

Salt Stone Sauna

Experience the healing effects of ancient Nepalese

Nature is a wonderful source of strength and energy, which we make grateful use of at Thermen Soesterberg. Our salt stone sauna is an excellent example. In addition to being wonderfully relaxing, this sauna is also purifying and healing. Experience the restorative effects of ancient Nepalese stones.


Wonderful wellness

Experience the powerful healing effects of salt stone in this mild yet pleasant sauna with an atmosphere of palpable spirituality. As the salt water evaporates, a saline vapour is released and the process of ionization purifies the air you breathe. This has a cleansing and restorative effect on both the skin and airways.

Purifying and healing

Ancient Nepalese stones create an oasis of wellness.

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